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How Much More You Need?

Quiet, reliable, tall, super fine, but doesn't own one stylish bone in his body are words that are commonly used to describe JT. He is a humble man with a generous heart. A simple man that seems to have everything he wants out of life, except a romantic love. Virtually invisible to women because of his income and horrible choice of clothes. Will there ever be someone that will love him for who he is or will he have to compromise and become someone he is not to finally be noticed?


Tina has always been known for her beauty and intelligence; yet she finds herself in a flashy, materialistic, abusive and unfortunate situation. Will the love she has for the finer things in life keep her trapped there or will she give it all up and learn how to live life with only those things that really matter? If not for herself, maybe she will do it for her son Tajier.


Marcus is the very attractive top paid and highly sought after chief engineer at Innovative Designs. He even smells like success. But is all that glitters golden? What happens when trying to be everything to and for everybody becomes too much? What happens when three co workers that have worked with each other for years finally take the time to get acquainted? Watching these people tirelessly looking for what is right under their noses will have you screaming at the pages asking them, "How Much More You Need?"


This story will twist and turn in places and in ways that will blow your mind. Hop in and buckle your seat belt. This is one ride that you will never forget. . .


Welcome to our site! Our goal at ABurnette Marketing Group, LLC is to provide effective solutions designed to boost your business, be it small or a large organization.

Our consultants design solutions tailored specifically to the needs of your business in order to ensure you achieve your dreams of success.

Check out our custom solutions and services. 




At ABurnette Marketing Group, we are strategically designed to be a one stop shop for all your start up business needs. Our focus starts in our belief in your product and interpreting your vision by providing services to all your vision to be seen, heard, and felt. 


With your vision, we can begin to explore new channels through effective and interactive web and graphic design. Online stores and social media marketing packages provide with boundless opportunities and revenue streams. Our in-house photography services allow for the customer to keep fresh and up to date content available. 



With our graphic design team available 24/7, we are ready to create visual art and design pieces that will impress. We pride ourselves and creating designs that will stand the test of time and are of high quality. 


Whether it is albums covers, posters, fashion, flyers, etc. we are able to meet all of your Graphic Design needs.



Vibrant. Stylish. High Resolution Photography is one of our newest and most successful additions to our marketing package. It gives us the fexability to support our great web design packages by giving us free range to high quality digital images that are customed fit and enhance the customer experience with a toally unique and custom site.


In addition to that, we have actually become very sought after for professional photography services alone. We have shot with various fashion magazines and web publications. So if its weddings, flyers, family pictures, web design, we can defiantely accommodate any needs. 



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